Treatment of trophic ulcer

Treatment of trophic ulcer

Trophic ulcer is a result of untreated leg vein problems. It is an unhealing wound that requires serious treatment.

If superficial vein problems are not treated, which is the most frequent cause, then the lower shin swells and venose blood flow is damaged, which is when all the cosmetic defects apperat – pigmentation, the skin is hard and painful. If the disease progresses, deep veins can also be influenced.

People who have regular swelling due to enlarged veins should be especially cautious. Often these people have itchy skin on the shin, also discoloroation in the ankle region.

People who have chronical changes in skin conditions, also people who have had deep vein thrombosis, should be especially cautious, because the tinies wound, even a mosquito bite, can turn into an infection or even badly healing skin defect, which is thropic ulcer.

Trophic ulcer can grow very fast and is hard to treat. Also if it is wrongly treated, the disease can progress – the trophic ulcer grows bigger, starts to smell and hurt, which affects the patients quality of life and self worth.



  • Fast and long lasting effect;
  • Surgery takes only 20-30 minutes,
  • Thropic ulcer heals in 2-3 weeks;
  • Even old and very slowly healing thropic ulcers are treated;
  • Complex approach to treatment.




  • Fast and long lasting effect;
  • Surgery takes only 20-30 minutes,
  • Trophic ulcer heals in 2-3 weeks;
  • Even old and very slowly healing trophic ulcers are treated;
  • Complex approach to treatment.


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How is the procedure performed?

Trophic ulcer treatment is a very complex process. First of all is precise diagnostics is performed, then the doctor chooses the tactit. Patient is informed about the precise disease form, because patients understanding and cooperation in the process is very important to achieve successful results.

In cases, when the trophic ulcer has not developed yet and the treatment has been started at the right time it is enough with a compression therapy: in these cases the swollen leg is being tied with special elastic bands, which can be left on for several days, however in between changing the bands lympho drainage is performed, which is a special treatment to reduce swelling in the legs. When the swelling has reduces, compression socks are advised.

If the ulcer has already developed, firstly the base of ulcer is cleaned of any puss and damaged tissue, then compression therapy and lympho drainage procedures are performed.

In worse cases, when after proper treatment the ulcer is not healing or it is very big in size, we offer Shave surgery, which gives a fast and convinving results.

Shave is a new and world wide used method, which has achieved recognisition in the last years. The essence of the  operation is treating the damaged skin with the help of healthy skin, a piece of the superficial layer of skin is taken from a thigh with a special tool , which is then put on the damaged place on the shin. This operation is very effective and successfuly heals tissue defects, which could not be treated for years.

Operation is not very difficult and takes up to 20-30 min, it is performed in the day out-patient stationary. 

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Surgeon, phlebologist
Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine

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