Dr. Mauriņš clinic is one of the most modern laser surgery and vein treatment clinics in the Europe.

You are always welcome to one of the most modern and experienced vein clinics in Europe – Dr. Mauriņš Vein center!

Each year thousands of patiens visit us, we have treated their varicose veins, trophical ulcers and other vein problems with the help of modern, safe and approved methods.

Vein center offers leg vein sclerotherapy, laser surgery, lympho drainage, compression socks and other services.

Services and technologies offered by Dr.Mauriņš clinic are equivalent to ones offerd by worlds leading clinics, however the prices are satisfying for everyone. Treatment in the Vein centre is performed by high quality specialists – phlebologists and blood vessel surgeons.

Wide and cosy spaces are accomodating 2 operation rooms, 7 consultation and procedure rooms, as well as 3 wards. Here, in Mežaparks, a modern building surrounded by pines, you will be greeted by professional doctors and welcoming staff, to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable.

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