Dr. Andis Rīts


Dr. Andis Rīts graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Riga Medical Institute. He has worked and gained experience in Riga City 7th Clinical Hospital „Gaiļezers” and other leading clinics in Riga. Since 2000 more specializes in diagnostics and treatment of vein diseases - conventional operations, methods of endoluminal treatments and sclerotherapy.

On regular basis Dr. Andis Rīts attends the courses of the founder of modern Phlebology Professor Várady in Frankfurt, as well as congresses and conferences organized by Baltic, German and international Phlebology societies. Has deepened his knowledge of vascular ultrasonographic diagnostics, as well as perfected his skills in vein sclerotherapy and laser therapy.

Dr. Andis Rīts is the author of a number of scientific publications. Is the member of Latvian Association of Surgeons and Baltic Society of Phlebology.

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