Vein laser surgery

Healthy legs – fast and painless

Vein laser surgery is one of the most modern and safest methods for varicose vein treatment, in out clinic we use the newest generation varicose vein laser – Biolitec ELVeS Painless 1470 nm. Our laser in comparison to older generation varicose vein lasers decreseases the chances of trauma to a minimum.

During the varicose vein laser removal surgery  there is a very slight chance of damaging nerves and lymphatic vessels. There are no visible scars of cosmetic defects after the surgery.

Vein laser surgery is considered the most progressive method in treating varicose veins, mainly because it has a low chance of relapse (a very low possibility of the disease reacurring.  

Dr. Mauriņš about leg vein treatment during summer


  • Laser surgery is an effective and safe method of varicose vein treatment.
  • Only the damaged part of vein is treated
  • Surrounding tissue are not damaged
  • Surgery is completely painless
  • Short duration of the surgery
  • Fast recovery process
  • The surgery does not leave any scars or cosmetical defects

Before and After

pirms procedūras 28.04.2012
vienu mēnesi pēc lāzeroperācijas ar ELVeS Radial lāzervadiem un vācu firmas Biolitec lāzeri 07.06.2012


Vein laser surgery expenses – starting from 700 EUR.

How is the procedure performed?

During the surgery a laser wire is inserted in the damaged varicose vein and it radiates laser light. Under the control of ultrasound the laser light wire is lead to the damaged part of vein, where with the help of the laser the varicose vein laser ablation is performed. Later on the vein absorbs itself leaving no defects.

The surgery is performed under local anesthetic and also does not last long : surgery for one leg takes up to 25-30 minutes, however, for both lets it takes up to only 40-55 minutes.

A while after the surgery the patient is free to go home, however on the way home a little walk is advised.

Frequently asked questions

Classical vein surgery is not much cheaper than the laser surgery, because in the case of laser surgey local anesthetic is used and it compensates the expenses of laser surgery in comparison to full anesthetic in the case of classical surgery. Also, in the case of laser surgery there are a lot of advantages : the surgery for one leg takes about 25-35 minutes, but for both legs 40-55 minutes, because only the damaged part is being operated. The patient does not have any scaring, there is no pain and cosmetical defects, there is a smaller chance of damaging nerves and lymphatic vessels. After the surgery, the patient can leave and a short walk is advised. After the regular vein surgeries patients are required to stay in the hospital for days and injections are needed.
You should not be afraid of pain neither during or after the surgery. Vein laser surgery is completely painless. Surgery is not traumatic and is performed with local anesthetic. This operation includes only a little dot sized cut one mm long, which is why the body is not harmed and legs do not hurt afterwards.
During the operation through a little cut a special laser vire is injected in the vein. Under the control of laser light the wire is lead to the damaged varicose vein parts. Using the laser energy the damaged veins or parts of it are closed up, blood does not flow through these parts, the blood is flowing throught the healthy veins. I would like to emphasise that the surgery is performed under the control of ultrasound, which means quality and and safety during the surgery. Treating veins in early stages is very important, because it can lead to thropical ulcers, deep vein thrombosis and other life threatening diseases.
“Leg veins can be a medical and esthetical problems” says Dr. Uldis Mauriņš, head of the Dr. Mauriņš Vein clinic, doctor of medical sciences, surgeon phlebologist. There are a lot of clinics that perform high quality leg vein treatments, however, there are also a few that have lowered the standards and the results are not as satisfying. We have the newest technologies, however, I want to point out – technology can be bought by anyone, the main factor which means successful treatment, is the doctors. The main factor is doctors professional qualification, training, maintaining professionality and development. I always point out also the experience of the doctor phlebologist and I advise the patients to find out how many surgeries has the doctor performed before hand. If the answer is once or twice a year – you should not be expecting a good result.


Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine
Surgeon, phlebologist
Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine

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