Improve the appearance of your legs in 15 minutes!

Slerotherapy is a procedure which is used to treat lymphomatic systems and blood vessel diseases. This method has been used for over a hundred years to treat superficial varicose veims.

Sclerotherapy procedure is one of the most effective and demanded treatment methods in many countries all over the world. Sclerotherapy is mainly used to closed superficial veins. It is recomended in the even of a visible vein webbing on the legs – blue stars (little spider like web), which is a cosmetic defect, however it does not provoke pain or swelling in the legs.

Sclerotherapy is an effective varicose vein treatment method, which can improve self worth and lifes quality.

Dr. Sandra Prāve about sclerotherapy



  • Sclerotherapy is an effective method of treating superficial varicose veins;
  • Comparitively not expensive;
  • No need of stationary treatment;
  • Procedure is performed with no anesthetic;
  • It is completely safe for people of older age and people with chronical diseases;
  • Procedure takes only around 15 minutes;
  • Procedure is controled by the helo of ultrasound;
  • It is completely safe, painless and does not leave any scaring;
  • After the procedure it is possible to continue with your day.


Starting form 110 EUR.


How the procedure is performed

During the procedure under the control the ultrasound medical liquid – sclerosant is injected, which closes up the damaged vein and is disconected from the blood flow. The closed vein is not functioning anymore and in time the vein absorbs itself.

Suggestions for after sclerotherapy procedure

During the treatment it is advised not to take hot baths or sauna, also intense working out should not be done. After the sclerotherapy procedure a treatment involving compression socks must be done (up to 1 month)

Frequently asked questions

I would say it is not. It is not painful or very expensive, however, I want to point out that it requires cooperation of the patient in the treatment process. You must have heard of the sclerotherapy method, during which special foam is injected in the blood vessel to press the vessel walls togetger, letting them to grow together and scar tissue to form. In this way these damaged and bad looking veins are closed. Blood pigment can be seen on the skin for a while as a dark streak, it fades eventually. After the injections it is advised to wear compression socks, also it is good to be physically active, which improves microcirculation in the tissue – then the pigment fades faster. Swimming is very suitable, especially swimming with webfeet, it makes all the muscles work intensly, also distance skiing.
The doctor should be aware of the blood flow in the deep and superficial veins, which is why we examine with the duplex ultrasound method. We need to evaluate the centrail veins, because it is very important for the doctor to advise the patient a therapy, that will prevent chronic venosal incompetence. In the case of stem vein problems, which has not developed yet, we talk trough all the preventing actions, so it would not develop furhet and only after this we consider the cosmetic aspects.


Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine
General practice doctor, phlebologist
Surgeon, phlebologist
Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine

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