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Find out how healthy are your legs!

First step in treating leg varicose veins is correct and precise diagnostics. Dr.Mauriņš vein clinic specialists apply the most effective and modern method – duplex ultrasound. 

We offer

  • Leg vein diagnostics with the help of duplex ultrasound
  • Treatment plan


  • Cheap examination
  • Safe for everyone
  • Duration is only 15 minutes
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Healthy legs – fast and painless

Because of the most modern technologies used in Dr. Mauriņš vein clinic treating varicose veins is a fast and painless process, which leaves no scaring. Laser surgery is one of the most modern and safe methods, the equipment used in the clinic also prevents the risk of any kind of trauma.

We offer

  • Varicose vein diagnostics
  • Varicose vein treatment with laser surgery


  • Laser surgery is a highly effective and safe varicose vein treatment method
  • Surgery is completely painless
  • Surgery does not leave any scaring or cosmetic defects. 
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Improve the appearance of your legs in 15 minutes!

Sclerotherapy is a fast, painless and comparatively cheap procedure, which can be applied as out-patient treatment and does not require any anesthetic. It is completely safe to person of any age and also for patients with any kinds of chronical diseases.

Advantages of sclerotherapy

  • The procedure is not expensive
  • Completely safe for people of any age
  • Completely safe for people with chronic diseases
  • Procedure takes up to only 15 minutes
  • Procedure is controlled with the help of ultrasound
  • Painless and leaves no scaring

50% of the success of treatment is achieved by medical compression socks.

Compression stockings and socks is a great solution to everyone who have had swelling, heaviness and other problems related to leg vein problems. Can be used as profilactic and as a part of treatment.

We offer:

  • Medical compression socks
  • Profilactic compression socks
  • Sports compression socks
  • Compression socks for traveling
  • Compression socks for pregnant women and young mothers

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