Compression socks for traveling

Stop the the swelling during trips!

Travel compression socks improve the blood flow, takes away the tiredness and feeling of heaviness in the legs, also helping with the swelling. It helps to stop venose blood stasis during long flights and car rides.

Your benefits:

  • Takes away the swelling during trips
  • Improves blood flow
  • Takes away the tiredeness and feeling of ehaviness
  • Low risk of thrombosis during the trip


Compression socks for traveling can be purchased at: interneta veikals

How to choose?

Choosing compression socks is easy!

In order to buy suitable compression socks, for men it is enough to know their shoe size and for women their tights size or size of clothing. Wearing compression socks or stockings blood flow from the legs is improved, which helps to cure swelling and heaviness.

It is calculated that wearing compression socks costs you 22 cents a day, however using different creams – allmost half as expensive!


Frequently asked questions

We advise to our patients to start with changing their lifestyles: avoid situations that provoke varicose vein development, to arrange their day, to think about finding time every hour or every hour and a half to move, arrange the day accordingly to this. We, doctors, believe that activity is better than any procedure, because physical activities help the patient gain health. Another important factor is wearing prophylactic compression socks. A lot of people that we have advised to wear these socks are very thankful and tell us: legs aren’t so heavy anymore and at the end of the day are not swollen. It is very important, because chronic swelling is very dangerous, because it can develop changes in superficial layers of skin, which cannot be treated. Prophylactic is much more effective than treatment applied too late.
During pregnancy it is needed to take care of your leg veins, which is why it is advised to wear compression socks for pregnant women. Frequently women tell that before pregnancy the legs were good looking, during first pregnancy the legs kept swelling and turned not as pleasant looking, during the second pregnancy legs became bigger in size. Unfortunately, there is no one who can tell new mothers, that long term swelling in legs is very harmful. General practitioners and gynecologists should warn women about this – if pregnant women legs are swollen at the end of the day, prophylactic compression sucks must be worn if there are no other health conditions that restrict this.

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