Lympho drainage

Get rid of cellulite and enjoy the results!

Usually patients feel better right after the first procedure, but after the following procedure the size is reducing and other symptoms as – cellulite, swelling, tiredeness in the legs, etc. Are reduced. It is advised to have this procedure 1-4 times a month or as a 10 procedure course two times a year.

Get your strenght back fast and permanent!

Primarily lympho drainage is a treatment method, which can help a lot of people, for example, people who need to stand for long periods of time, often travel by plain or are not very active.  It is very useful for people who have leg vein problems and those who need rehabilitartion after trauma or illnesses. Lympho drainage anlso helps with reducinf swelling and improve blood flow and is a very popular cellulite treatment. 


What is mechanical lympho drainage?

What is manual lympho drainage?

Your benefits:

  • Legs feel lighter
  • Reduced swelling and cellulitis
  • Reduced size of the legs and body 


Starting from 20 EUR.

How is the procedure performed?

Mechanical lympho drainage

Mechanical lympho drainage is used for  therapeutical and cosmetic reasons. It is a vacuum massage procedure, during which rhythmical, steady air flow pressure massages the whole body or just the legs. The patients is required to wear a special suit: lympho drainage boots and possibly also a belt for the stomach and hips, which covers the required areas and massages them sofly, improving the lymphatic system. The apparatus is connected with elastic bands influence the skin, hypodermic layer of fat, muscles, veins and lymphotic knots. As a result the ellimination of liquid and toxins is sped up, venose blood flow is improved and methabolism processes are activated.   


Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine
General practice doctor, phlebologist
Surgeon, phlebologist
Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine

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