Leg vein diagnostics

Find out how healthy are your legs!

Vein diagnostics is completely painless, it is about 10-15 min long procedure (for both legs), druing which with the help of ultrasound superficial and deep leg veins are evaluated, possible problems are established and treatment plan and expenses are drawn up. 



  • A precise leg vein condition is estabilshed
  • The diagnostics is completely painless
  • Examination of both legs takes only 10-15 min
  • A treatment plan is drawn up
  • Expenses are known before hand


Starting from 60 EUR.

How is the procedure performed?

In order to achieve a successfull leg vein treatment, vein diagnostics must be performed by the doctor who will perform the treatment, for example, vein surgery or sclerotherapy. Ultrasound is also performed during the vein surgery.

If the problem is a cosmestical defect, if swelling or pain does not occur, however the problem is the webbing of veins or a visible webbing of capillary, sclerotherapy is advised.

If the patient has enlarged leg veins and is in need of operation, our clinic perfoms operation with the most modern method in the world – laser surgery. Surgery for one leg is 25-35 minutes long, for both legs 40-55 minutes long. Alltogether you will spend approximately 1-2 hours in the clinic. After the operation the patient will not suffer from pain or have any scars or cosmetical defects.

During the laser surgery there is a smaller chance of damaged nerves and lymphatic vessels.

Post-operation pains occur in very small amounts. 

Frequently asked questions

I would advise to see a phlebologist, who will not just feel and view your legs, but also will examine it with the help of leg vein ultrasound. Nowadays duplex ultrasound has become a standard in leg vein diagnostics. With the help of duplex sonogoram it is possible to discover blood vessel diseases in the early stages and start the treatment. Duplex ultrasound is a very painless, fast and very informative method of diagnostics. Examining both lages is as short as 10-15 minutes. During the procedure it is possible to discover superficial and deep vein diseases. In the case of a pathology, leg vein diagnostics must be done by the same doctor, who will perform the treatmen, for example, vein surgery or sclerotherapy.
Standing or sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time not changing the position can badly influence leg muscles – they do not get enough movement as intense and as frequent, which leads to disturbed blood flow upwards. As a result vein valves can not perform properly – they do not close fully. This influences the blood flow, it builds up in the veins and they enlarge. Tired legs after long periods of standing, cramps, enlarged vein varix – these are only a few symptoms of vein problems. It is possible that the patient has problems only in the stem veins – main hypodermic veins and vein branches are not visible, in this case the problem can be discovered only by performing duplex ultrasound, a very harmless examination. This means that when the first varicose vein symprotms are discovered you should not hesitate, but contact a doctor and together decide the next step. Frequently it turns out that the problems are not related to vein problems, but joint, muscle or neurological problems, which can also have similar symptoms.
“Leg veins can be a medical and esthetical problems” says Dr. Uldis Mauriņš, head of the Dr. Mauriņš Vein clinic, doctor of medical sciences, surgeon phlebologist. There are a lot of clinics that perform high quality leg vein treatments, however, there are also a few that have lowered the standards and the results are not as satisfying. We have the newest technologies, however, I want to point out – technology can be bought by anyone, the main factor which means successful treatment, is the doctors. The main factor is doctors professional qualification, training, maintaining professionality and development. I always point out also the experience of the doctor phlebologist and I advise the patients to find out how many surgeries has the doctor performed before hand. If the answer is once or twice a year – you should not be expecting a good result.


Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine
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Surgeon, phlebologist
Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine

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