Dr.med. Arnolds Kadišs

Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine

Dr. med. Arnolds Kadišs graduated from Latvian Academy of Medicine, Assistant Professor at the Department of Surgery of Riga Stradiņš University, author of numerous scientific publications. Dr. Kadišs specializes in venous and lymphatic disease diagnostics and treatment: conventional operations, endoluminal treatment: vein laser operations, sclerotherapy. Dr.Kadišs has repeatedly attended the courses of the founder of modern phlebology - Várady - in Frankfurt. Dr. Kadišs regularly participates in congresses organized by global and European societies of phlebology, as well as by German Society of Phlebology and Baltic Society of Phlebology, enriching his knowledge and acquiring latest techniques in phlebology.

Dr. med. Arnolds Kadišs has had in-service training in one of the world's most famous lymphology clinics: LymphOptKlinik, where he acquired modern methods of treatment of the pathologies of lymphatic systems and nuances of sclerotherapy.

Dr. med. Arnolds Kadišs is the author of numerous scientific publications. He is the member of Latvian Association of Surgeons, Latvian Society of Phlebology and Baltic Society of Phlebology.

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